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Workshop Schedule

Saturday, April 12, Shirk Center Classrooms

10:00 am – 2:00 pm


Stop by one of this year’s exciting workshops offering information and how to ideas on topics related to yard smart gardening, permaculture, green investment and financial wellness, protecting the Mahomet Aquifer and so much more.

10:00 AM

Wallet Wellness: Grow Your Green Stuff

Presenter: Pam Atkinson

Shirk Center North Classroom


Learn different strategies to increase your savings and accomplish your life goals. Grow your green stuff and increase your financial wellness!


From Lawn to Native Garden

Presenter: Jack Pfaffmann

Shirk Center South Classroom


A step-by-step description of how two local native gardens were installed by converting grassy areas into native gardens. One created using seeds and the other using small plants.


11:00 AM

GREEN By the Numbers

Presenter: Kerry Kidwell

Shirk Center North Classroom


An interesting look at world population numbers, our dwindling natural resources and how everyone can help.


Protecting the Mahomet Aquifer

Presenter: Joe Hooker

Shirk Center South Classroom


We will discuss current efforts by two intergovernmental coalitions to protect the Mahomet Aquifer from contamination by challenging the operation of a chemical waste dump at the Clinton Landfill, located over the aquifer, and by seeking a Sole Source Aquifer designation form the Mahomet Aquifer by the U.S. EPA


Belly Dance Fitness

Presenter: Patt Schneider

Shirk Center Practice Gym


Learn the feminine art of belly dance while getting an incredible workout! Gain strength, increase energy and have fun! Work with your body’s natural movements in this unique exercise style!


12:00 PM

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy 2014 Updates

Presenter: Jody Nord

Shirk Center North Classroom


Demand for electricity is on the rise. In this presentation we will discuss what changes can be implemented easily in the home to save on electric bills. I will also provide an update on Renewable Energy policy in Illinois as well as discuss what changes are being implemented elsewhere and the impact of those programs.


The Co-op Grocery Revolution: Good Food= Social Change

Presenter Melanie Shellito

Shirk Center South Classroom


The cooperative (co-op) food movement is sweeping the nation, with nearly 200 community-owned grocery stores in the start-up phase. How will shopping at a co-op benefit you directly? Why do your favorite local farmers want this new grocery retailer so badly? Learn the basics of what makes a cooperative grocery store so different, and see what’s in store for Bloomington-Normal!


1:00 PM

Socially Responsible Investing: Investing With Your Values

Presenter: Russ Rybicki

Shirk Center North Classroom


Learn about investing without sacrificing the environmental and social principles that are important to you. We’ll discuss community investing, social screening, shareholder activism, and more. Representative of and securities offered through Financial West Group (FWG); Member, FINRA/SIPC. Progressive Asset Management Group is the socially responsible division of FWG. Progressive Asset Management, Inc. and Financial West Group are unaffiliated entities.

Supervisory Office: 1755 Gablehammer Rd., Westminster, MD 21157. 866-610-8752.


Building Earth-Camp Village

Presenter: Bill Wilson

Shirk Center South Classroom


We have plans to build 9 cabins into a small village cluster as part of the permaculture design for the CSC demonstration property in Stelle, IL. The cabins will be made by hand with mostly local materials. Learn why and how. More here:


2:00 PM

Ayurvedic Health and Reflexology

Presenter: Ramila Khatau

Shirk Center North Classroom


Reflexology is science of Healthy without side effects of Medicines and drugs. You can cure yourself with auyurvedic Tools and reflexology. Come try our Head Massage and Foot reflexology at my Booth.


Recycling Industrial Waste into Beneficial Products

Presenter: Bart Cannon

Shirk Center South Classroom


Our specialized Distillation Technologies transforms waste solvents into usable products.